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  • wroot

    wroot 9cbe8e88cd5357feb91dc29c3b600ba962c5b139

    Merge pull request #473 from guusdk/SPARK-2092_Fastpath-fix
    SPARK-2092: Fix Fastpath plugin

  • Guus der Kinderen

    Guus der Kinderen 61bbb64501e0aca81aa6adda23eec43339fc4345 m

    SPARK-2092: Fix Fastpath plugin
    A API change in Smack went unnoticed, and caused the FastPath plugin to not load correctly. This commit fixes that, and increases the version number of the plugin.

    • plugins/fastpath/pom.xml (version 61bbb64501e0aca81aa6adda23eec43339fc4345)
    • plugins/fastpath/src/main/java/org/jivesoftware/fastpath/ (version 61bbb64501e0aca81aa6adda23eec43339fc4345)