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wroot wroot 0c7b1e06cee1692684bdb9487d171849130e5257 0c7b1e06cee1692684bdb9487d171849130e5257 Merge pull request #494 from guusdk/SPARK-2070_automatically_relogin_after_cert_acceptance
SPARK-2070: Login automatically after accepting server cert
Guus der Kinderen Guus der Kinderen 27745d9dc5f90fb4eb19f16f31f2d6e174e5f163 m 27745d9dc5f90fb4eb19f16f31f2d6e174e5f163 SPARK-2070: Login automatically after accepting server cert
When an authentication attempt fails because of the server presenting a certificate that's not recognized, the end user gets asked to add the certificate.

When the end user chooses to accept the certificate, another authentication attempt should be performed automatically. Up until this commit, that did not occur.

To be able to act based on the choice of the user, the mechanism in which the dialog is shown had to be replaced. This removed some of the more elaborate functionality added by Pawel (that allowed for each intermediate certificate in the chain to be added individually). I've opted to simply add every certificate in the chain.

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