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3d7f14157f6282023d2a11f1c3d91b790995f1f0 3d7f14157f6282023d2a11f1c3d91b790995f1f0
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daryl herzmann <> daryl herzmann <> 3d7f14157f6282023d2a11f1c3d91b790995f1f0 3d7f14157f6282023d2a11f1c3d91b790995f1f0 Merge pull request #1730 from igniterealtime/dependabot/maven/xmppserver/junit-junit-4.13.1
Bump junit from 4.12 to 4.13.1 in /xmppserver
daryl herzmann <> daryl herzmann <> b8de086c5e8376b83d59c1e605dcd4a0cfcd65fa b8de086c5e8376b83d59c1e605dcd4a0cfcd65fa Merge pull request #1727 from guusdk/OF-2095_PEP-notifications-to-woner
PEP notification fixes
daryl herzmann <> daryl herzmann <> e9bed6bb9e1c5e0cc35e0c97318f92b2dd959fd9 e9bed6bb9e1c5e0cc35e0c97318f92b2dd959fd9 Merge pull request #1728 from guusdk/OF-2097_admin-console-show-caps
OF-2097: Allow CAPS info to be shown on the admin console
daryl herzmann <> daryl herzmann <> 531f919197c13a5f4bd160a444d0dcd2758ab730 531f919197c13a5f4bd160a444d0dcd2758ab730 Merge pull request #1729 from guusdk/OF-2098_admin-console-show-pubsub-node-config
OF-2098: Admin console should show Pubsub Node config
dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]> dependabot[bot] <49699333+dependabot[bot]> 57eb7b0c2d93edf0178df59d1e1eaaf1d5d70768 57eb7b0c2d93edf0178df59d1e1eaaf1d5d70768 Bump junit from 4.12 to 4.13.1 in /xmppserver
Bumps [junit]( from 4.12 to 4.13.1.
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Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <>

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